Mophie Spacestation 6000MAH - Power Bank + 32GB Storage

Rs 2,500.00
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There is built-in room.

Additional capacity of up to 32GB is available. When the spacestation is connected to your laptop, you can easily upload or import any file as though it were an optical drive. Stop deleting your favourite files and start saving them instead.

Battery life has been extended.

When charging on the go, you can get up to 3X more battery life. There's no need to stop at a charging station.

Manage your content across all of your devices.

Connect your spacestation to your smartphone, tablet, or computer via USB to back up, maintain, view, and share data. Store all of your files on a single mophie Space unit and take it with you everywhere you go.

More Information
Product Type Charging
Availability  In Stock
Model Spacestation
Capacity 32 GB
Connectivity USB

Apple products, Smartphones & Tablets

Other Detail

Battery Capacity "6,000mAh"
Package contents "Spacestation, micro USB cable"

Dimensions 2.26 x 4.31 x 0.61 inches
Weight 0.35 lbs
Color Black
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