Warranty of electronic equipment remains one of the most misunderstood phenomena in the industry. Most clients just suffice on knowing that their product has warranty, until they get a problem with their product, and have to claim that warranty. It is imperative, that as a customer, you know how, and from where can you actually claim you warranty, in case a need arises. It is also important to understand that in most cases, warranty does not mean replacement of your product. Warranty means fixing of the component, or functionality that is being impaired due to a manufacturing defect. Needless to say, any user neglect, be it deliberate or non deliberate, would generally void a warranty.


  • International Warranty
    Warranty provided by the manufacturer on their product, that can be availed by taking your product to the manufacturer’s authorized service center, in case of a warranty claim. Country/region of service centre information is sometimes mentioned in the product's warranty details, and other times is withheld by the manufacturer.
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